Name Change FAQs – Vendors

CORIX Control Solutions LP becomes CENTRIX Control Solutions LP.

On January 1, 2018, CORIX Control Solutions was purchased from the CORIX Group of Companies by the Deschênes Group Inc. (DGI). Now, as a proud subsidiary of DGI, one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies, our new name and identity better reflect our business and service offerings, and “links” us to our new ownership.

Over the next few weeks, you will see us transition from CORIX to CENTRIX.

CENTRIX represents being “customer-centric” and at the “center” of our customers’ solutions. The inclusion of “IX” is a nod to their past as CORIX Water Products and CORIX Control Solutions but also represents innovation, experience, excellence, and expertise.

The logo symbol that CENTRIX uses is the core identifier for the Deschênes Group. The chain link symbol represents the strong connections between our companies, our partners, and the customers we serve.

Please continue to send your invoices to the address on file but with our new legal name: CENTRIX Control Solutions Limited Partnership.

Please direct any inquiries to our Accounts Payable team at:

• Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba:

• Port Coquitlam, BC: 

• Kelowna, BC: 


Our tax identification number has not changed. 

The updated tax certificate will be available in the upcoming weeks.

Yes, our Terms and Conditions have been updated to reflect our new name. Download a copy from our website at

Please continue directing any inquiries to your Account Manager.

Please note that our new email domain ends in “”.