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Masoneilan offers a century of proven control valve performance, optimized with advanced digital instrumentation and innovation.

  • Camflex GR Valve: Designed using the reliable and proven Camflex, this valve drops directly in place of problematic globe valves. The result is a simpler, proven valve that today has over 1.2 million installations worldwide, and is backed-up by customers who say, “there is no better valve on the market than a Camflex”. 

    Watch the Camflex Globe Valve Replacement video (3:27) | Download the Camflex GR Brochure

  • 33000 Series Triple Offset Valves: The Triple Offset Butterfly Valve incorporates new performance-enhancing operational features, allowing for a more simplified manufacturing process. The result is an exclusive patented range of superior performance zero leakage bi-directional triple offset butterfly valves, suitable for extreme pressure/temperature applications.

    Watch the 33000 Series Triple Offset Valve video (3:47) | Download the 33000 Series Triple Offset Valve Brochure

  • SteamForm Valve: Masoneilan's SteamForm is a reliable steam conditioning valve for high temperature, high pressure drop, and erosive steam applications in power plant and process industry applications. Steam conditioning requirements vary across every industry. The Masoneilan SteamForm valves serve the entire range of steam conditioning, offering excellent noise control, temperature control, and fast operation while maintaining smooth flow control and reliable shut-off.

    Watch the SteamForm Valve video (5:55) | Download the SteamForm Valve Brochure



  • 2900 Pilot Valve Upgrade: Don’t let the cost & hassle of piping modification keep you from installing the right valve for the right application.  Take advantage of Pilot Operated Pressure Relief Valve (POPRV) benefits without modifying your existing piping by upgrading your API 526 Direct Spring valve to the Consolidated 2900 Series Pilot Valve.

    Watch the 2900 Pilot Valve Upgrade video (3:40) | Download the 2900 Pilot Valve Brochure



  • Density Meter: No longer do process plants need to rely on nuclear radiation densitometers to measure the density of abrasive, caustic or corrosive process material. The Ultimo Density Meter is a non-invasive technology and meter that continuously measures the density of any slurry, loose solid or liquid.

    Watch the Density Meter video (10:19) | Download the Density Meter Brochure

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